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About CS4HS

CS4HS (Computer Science for High Schools) is a Google initiative aimed at promoting Computer Science in high school and middle school curriculum. Google is financially sponsoring technical Universities to organize workshops for students and teachers from local high schools. In 2012, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest applied and received a CS4HS grant to organize this event in Bucharest, Romania.

Welcome to a CS Career!

Welcome to a CS Career is a CS4HS project organized by the Computer Science and Computer Engineering Department at the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest in October 2012. The result of the project is a 5 days event (between 29.10.2012 and 2.11.2012) in which the Romanian high school students will attend presentations and participate in CS-related labs at the University.

It will comprise two workshops - RoboticsIsFun and SoftwareIsFun, as well as a two-hour presentation regarding CS career opportunities.

32 high school students (16 in each workshop) from Bucharest and other cities in Romania have been selected to participate in this project as well as many people from different university groups organizing the event.

RoboticsIsFun Workshop

This workshop aims to provide participating students with tools and knowledge required to built an autonomous robot. Over a period of five days, teams of students, guided by trainers, will work in an attempt to build the best line-follower robot, capable of avoiding obstacles and getting back on track.

The workshop will be based on the popular Pololu made 3pi robot - http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/975

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SoftwareIsFun Workshop

For a young and inexperienced student aiming to get involved in software engineering, we acknowledge that the greatest challenge is to get over the gap between traditional algorithm implementation and modern technologies powering mobile applications and the Web 2.0 revolution. We will attempt to bridge this gap with hands-on tutorials on how to build useful and exciting applications, so that students get a real feel of how much their work is worth.

Considering their relatively low familiarity with programming languages, we decided to introduce them to Python – a powerful, yet easy to learn language. Existing infrastructure makes it an ideal choice, as applications can easily be deployed via the Google App Engine.

Students passionate about computer science have traditionally been known to excel in mathematics and physics, as well. To leverage this background, we introduced a tutorial in animation generation. The tools of choice are HTML5 and CSS3.

Last, but not least, introducing students to Linux and some of its secrets has proven to be extremely helpful in broadening their perspective on computer science. We know that they will be enthusiastic about it and that they will take this enthusiasm back with them to their high schools, effectively increasing the workshop’s impact.

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CS Career oportunities

A two-hour presentation regarding CS career opportunities - held by Andrei Pitiș http://www.linkedin.com/in/andreipitis - President of the Employers Association of the Software Services Industry Association in Romania - ANIS.

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